Why do we need to plan our estate’s distribution?

Many of us feel that there is no need to plan for our wealth’s distribution after we pass away. Why should us when there is already Faraidh, as ordained by Allah? And some may feel that they do not have much property to leave behind. So why bother?

We may not realise it. But we do leave behind substantial wealth when we leave this world. There are CPF account, house, savings, cars, jewelleries, etc. In fact, whatever we own is our property that must be distributed after our death. As much as we want to manage them when we are still alive, we should also strive to ensure that they are properly managed after our demise from this world.

Sometimes our family members are too eager to know and claim their rights from our estate, such that they forget their responsibilities. This will lead to unsettled debts of the deceased, or worse, family ties will suffer just for the sake of a few thousand dollars.

We need to avoid all these. We need to plan.

Our expertise in this area will help you avoid these problems. We can advise you on the Islamic way to manage your wealth. And if your beloved has passed away, we can assist in distributing the inheritance in accordance to Syariah.